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Congrats to Lyons Vet Clinic on their new Moly FZA System!


Temple Grandin shares her concepts on Hydraulic Cattle Equipment and Cattle Handling with SILENCER.

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Charolais producer gives thoughts on BQA

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Moly offers a wide configuration of livestock handling equipment for cattle management.


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"I didn’t want to wait several months for a SILENCER and bought a Brute Stealth. Well, I don’t have the Stealth chute anymore. The Stealth folks came and took it back, and I’m waiting on my New SILENCER to be delivered. I didn’t experience any advantage to the Stealth headgate design.  In fact, I broke 4 legs in the few months I used the Stealth.
The Stealth customer service was not any help with solutions for the many hoses that were spliced when I received delivery of the Stealth chute, their pivot controls were cumbersome, and then the general  problems with the Stealth head gate and broken legs… I’m waiting to get my money back from the Stealth folks." F.O. from  Utah    

"Now I give shots and feel that I'm not in danger. In the past, I was concerned about losing a needle in an animal, because they had so much room to move around. Now, I can stretch the neck out. From an animal safety point of view, I feel like we can't beat SILENCER." Brook, Hedgewood Prairie  

"SILENCER has changed the temperament of our cattle! Our livestock have gentled and handle better with the SILENCER Chute." Jack Mosier   

"We used the SILENCER hydraulic neck extender bars to re-implant 1,200 heifers. The neckbars held them well -- they could only wiggle their ears, yet we had plenty of neck access. I'm very pleased!" Jeff Martindale, Brewster, Nebraska  

 2010 American Association of Bovine Practitioners Proceedings confirms SILENCER. "The total staff time per head was significantly less when using the SILENCER Chute compared to the other manual & hydraulic chutes."

“Good hired help was hard to find–especially with any experience. TurretGate allows people with limited experience to help work cattle.” Mike Sears, Chinook Feeders, 2 SILENCER chutes and 4 TurretGates  

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