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SILENCER Brochure 

Outlines all the facts and features about our SILENCER product.


TurretGate Brochure 

Outlines all the facts and features about our TurretGate product.


Safe Distance Article 

An article that outlines how Moly's remote controlled hydraulic working systems can save labor costs and doctor bills.


Beef Magazine Article 

See pages 18 & 19 of Beef Magazine's October 2010 issue. Article includes comments on Moly's FZA System with TurretGate.


Low Stress Handling Poster 

Review images of our products to get a quick idea of what we do.


Portable TurretGate and Alley Product Sheet  

Product sheet reviews features of our portable TurretGate, alleys and SILENCER.


FZA Complete System Product Sheet 

Product sheet reviews features of our Flight Avoidance Zone complete system, along with example layouts for your customizable system.


Remote One-Person Handling System Poster 

Quick view of the benefits of our remote controlled system.




#1 Safety is Priority

Moly's first priority is safety. All of our products are master engineered with safety in mind.



Moly's SILENCER --  The Industry Standard for Operator and Animal Comfort.


#3 Remote Controlled

Moly's TurretGate is remote controlled to require less labor and less effort, and increase safety.


#4 Quietest Chute Operation Available

SILENCER Chutes register ONLY 89 decibels of noise vs. brand "X" chutes which register 100! Less noise, Less stress.

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