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Moly Customization Tool

Moly has made it easy and fun to build your Flight Zone Avoidance System with our new customization tool.

The Moly Customization Tool allows you to create and experiment with different equipment layouts to determine your specific needs. You can save your layouts and discuss your creations with Moly Manufacturing. We can help you perfect your layout, answer your questions and order your equipment.

  1. Start from example layouts or build your own from scratch.
  2. Add, delete, rotate or move the components around the design yard to create your customized solution.
  3. Select additional equipment you might be interested in.
  4. Save your layout and we will send you an email with an image of your layout, a list of equipment used and other details about your system.
  5. Call us at (785) 472-3388 to discuss your layout or order your equipment.


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