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Product Description

SILENCER Heavy-Duty model (also available in extended model) is designed for increased chute life with reinforced construction, modular construction for superior maintenance, and replaceable heavy duty drop bars.

  • Yearling option - Same overall SILENCER dimensions with a lowered dropbar area for more body access on lightweight cattle. Chute is also available with 1-side yearling option and 1-side regular sidegate.

  • Heavy Duty model and Extended Heavy Duty model have left or right controls or Pivot controls from side to side or front to back.

  • Add a carrier for a quick, portable chute. Carry-All carrier is available for Heavy Duty model and Overhead carrier is available for Extended Heavy Duty model.

  • One-year warranty.  

Additional Add-on Equipment:



HEAVY-DUTY MODEL Specifications
Length 100"
Width 48"
Height 93"
Approx. Weight (lbs.) 3095
Mainframe 4" x 2" x 3/16", rectangular tubing, 2" x 2" square tubing
Cylinders (6) 4 x 2 cylinders, (1) 2 x 6 cylinder, (8) main cylinder pins greaseable
Head & Tail Doors Full-opening and fully sheeted
Overall Outside Length 102"
Overall Inside Length 91"
Side Gates 1/4" wall
SILENCER Pump Weight 235 lbs.
Head & Tailgate Height 67 1/2"
Inside Chute Height 67 1/2"
Total Width (Doors Open) 67"
Total Width Doors Closed (including hydraulic levers) 59"
Fitted Hoses Yes
30ft of Extension Hose Yes
Reinforced Construction Yes
Primed Before Painted Yes
Oil-based Urethane Bearings Yes
130 Polyethylene Contact Points Yes
Standard 3 Spool Hydraulic Valves Yes
Floor 1/4" floor for increased life of chute
Modular construction for superior maintenance Yes
Replaceable heavy-duty drop bars Yes
Bearings and Connectors 8 quick-change, relube roller bearings - top connectors and lower head door connector
Standard 3 Spool Hydraulic Valves Yes

If Chute has Front-Back Pivot Controls - Add 3" to Height
If Chute has Side-Side Pivot Controls - Add 5" to Height

































Each chute comes with a one-year warranty.


Heavy-Duty Model Options


  • Pivot controls & pivot with overhead scales (left or right controls) - front-to-back or side-to-side

  • Dual controls

  • Rubber-belted louvers on sidegates

  • Side exit  –  (per side) left, right or both

  • Hydraulic lower squeeze

  • Hydraulic neck bars (adjustable) – 2 neck bars included

  • Hydraulic head restraint – left or right

  • Neck extension bar (each)

  • De-Horner head restraint – left or right

  • Rear walk-through doors (26 inches) – (per side) left, right or both

  • Additional neck access - (per sidegate) left, right or both

  • Rebar floor - Available on Heavy Duty & Heavy Duty Extended Models. Not available on Ranch or Ranch Extended Models

  • Hydraulic kick bar

  • Brisket Bar

  • Power supply options: 5 HP Electric Hydraulic Pump (industrial motor with pressure relief valve & quick couplers) – 1 or 3 phase; Gas Powered HPV 550 Hydraulic Pump: Honda 6.5 HP engine, hydraulic pump, two spool valve with pressure relief, reservoir, oil filter, female quick couplers, carry package includes handles

  • Scale options: Weigh-Tronix Platform Scales; Weigh-Tronix Overhead Scales; Weigh-Tronix Overhead Scales for Extended Model Chute

  • Carriers: Yoke, Carry-All or Overhead Carriers



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“Just like Temple Grandin says, animals walk into and out of the SILENCER Chute without MOOING. I have run 1,200 head of Cows, Calves and Bulls through the chute and I am very satisfied. I have thoroughly appreciated the Pivot Controls as this allows the chute operator to change positions before fatigue sets in. With the new SILENCER Chute, I now experience easier Animal and Operator Handling. I haven’t used a Hot Shot since buying the SILENCER!!” 

~ Ernest Righetti, Santa Maria, California 

“It’s a fact! SILENCER minimizes the shoulder bruising and choking that scissorgates are known to cause. We have 5 SILENCER chutes for a variety of reasons...SILENCER chutes are quiet and don’t rattle, cattle flow is excellent, neck injection capability is superb, and the chutes are very low maintenance. SILENCER chutes are just an all around good machine!” 

~ Trent Horton, Horton Feedlot, LaSalle, CO 

SILENCER has changed the temperament of our cattle! Our livestock have gentled and handle better with a SILENCER chute.” 

~ Jack Mosier, Spalding, NE

"SILENCER Chutes are extremely durable!!  My SILENCER saw its first weld, recently, after 9 YEARS and 250,000 COWS!  And, I've pulled the SILENCER Chute Carrier 100,000 plus miles!" 

~ Dr. Jim Stangle, Golden Vet Clinic, Milesville, SD



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