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Product Description

The low profile Platform scale mounts keep the scale low to the ground for easy and efficient flow of animals in and out of chute. Moly's Platform scale kit is designed to report rapid and accurate weight information, accomplished by placing the load bars on the four outside corners of the chute for a more stable weighing device.  Maintenance is quick and easy with Moly's simple load bar replacement system.  It's simple to quickly change out any single load bar.

Additional Add-on Options:


Power Cord 18 ft.
Diameter (4) 1 1/2"
Capacity Platform Weigh Bars 2500 lb. (total capacity 10,000 lbs.)
Cord 30 ft.
Pins 5
Guaged 2 1/8"
Assembly Hardware Included
Scale brackets (and installation of brackets on new SILENCER chute) Included
Weight Indicator Model 640 Weigh-Tronix Weight Indicator with RS232 Serial Port (3 yr warranty)
Load Bars Included (3 yr warranty)















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Portable TurretGate and Alley Product Sheet  

Product sheet reviews features of our portable TurretGate, alleys and Silencer


Beef Magazine Article 

See pages 18 & 19 of Beef Magazine's October 2010 issue. Article includes comments on Moly's FZA System with TurretGate.


FZA Complete System Product Sheet 

Product sheet reviews features of our Flight Avoidance Zone complete system, along with example layouts for your customizable system.

You can view all of our videos on our YouTube channel.

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"The SILENCER Chute and the Entire Moly System has exceeded all my expectations! And, you can quote me!

~ Nichols Farms, J. David Nichols, Bridgewater, IA  (image)

"It's a good chute! I have noticed that SILENCER is easy to operate and reduces bruising.  The chute is exceptionally quiet so it provides significantly less stress on the cattle." 

~ Trent Edelmon, Coyote Lake Feedyard, Inc., Muleshoe, TX

"Several of my clients use SILENCER chutes.  The Russell Sale Barn has one that I use weekly.  My SILENCER is a Heavy Duty Extended Tilt Model with hydraulic leg pull.  All of the SILENCER chute models perform well." 

~ Dr. John Thouvenelle, Russell Veterinary Service, Russell, KS

"SILENCER out-performs all others! The Patented quietness of SILENCER Chutes is proven to keep cattle calm, and allows me to converse with my co-workers during Ultrasound Evaluations. My figures indicate a choke only once in about 2,000 head using the SILENCER Chute and I have never lost an animal to choking with SILENCER! In contrast, I have observed scissor-gated chutes at feedlots that cause choking on 5% of the animals, likely resulting in a $20,000 yearly loss in just time alone for a large feedlot." 

~ John Brethour, Ultrasound Technology, KSU Ag Research; Hays, KS




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