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Product Description


Moly Manufacturing offers carriers for the SILENCER and TurretGate products. 

  • Yoke Carrier
  • Carry-All Carrier
  • Overhead Carrier


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Beef Magazine Article 

See pages 18 & 19 of Beef Magazine's October 2010 issue. Article includes comments on Moly's FZA System with TurretGate.


FZA Complete System Product Sheet 

Product sheet reviews features of our Flight Avoidance Zone complete system, along with example layouts for your customizable system.



Remote One-Person Handling System Poster 

Quick view of the benefits of our remote controlled system.



You can view all of our videos on our YouTube channel.

Moly Manufacturing YouTube Channel



"SILENCER Chutes are extremely durable!!  My SILENCER saw its first weld, recently, after 9 YEARS and 250,000 COWS!  And, I’ve pulled the SILENCER Chute Carrier 100,000 plus miles!"  

~ Dr. Jim Stangle, Golden Vet Clinic, Milesville, SD

"Flack Jacket," PBR Bull owned by Wes Bruce, Bruce Bucking Bulls. "Wes Bruce brings all of his bucking bulls to Millsap Veterinary Clinic, and we work on them in a SILENCER Hydraulic Squeeze Chute. The range of options we have with the SILENCER Hydraulic Squeeze Chute makes working on these cattle easier on them and the staff.  The use of the SILENCER Chute has made working on all cattle, including bucking cattle, less of a physical strain." 

~ Dene Herbal, D.V.M., Millsap Veterinary Clinic, Millsap, Texas

“I’m completely satisfied running all sizes of animals through the system. We can work more cattle faster with Moly’s System, with less stress, & with less people. The animals stand, stay calm, no one needs to bother the cattle.”

Our new SILENCER chute added 10 years to the life of our current operation. It is much safer for the workers and easier on the cattle.” 

~ Sandy Ankenman, Ankenman Ranch, Miami, OK





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